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Welcome to the Madlhof – your retreat for pure enjoyment. A cozy ambience and warm hospitality await you in our exquisitely furnished apartments. We offer you the highest quality in the heart of the Salzburger Land, whether you are looking for a romantic hideaway for your vacation, or as a business traveler you need an ideal accommodation. Also groups and families with children from 12 years with up to a total of four people per apartment will find the perfect place to stay with us.

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“What makes us truly happy is the time we share with loved ones.”

Pleasure and point:

the Madl Ladl

On the old farm table, the so-called Joglitisch, you will always find what is in season. Always fresh. And really good. These delicacies are complemented by regional products from surrounding farm producers. The result is an enjoyable potpourri for a healthy breakfast or a quality snack – delicacies from Salzburg and the surrounding area selected with love and care.

A little WE time

The Madlhof allows you the most important thing: undisturbed togetherness and time for each other. Let the butterflies in your stomach enchant you once again and spend carefree moments, far away from stress and trouble. Our apartments offer everything a couple in love needs: a cozy interior, comfortable beds, a lovely atmosphere and plenty of space for cuddling. With us you will find time to meet with yourself and your loved one in a dreamlike beautiful environment.

50 + love blossom

To treat yourself once again and create moments together in one of the loveliest cities in Europe. At the Madlhof in Wals near Salzburg, you can once again feel like you’re freshly in love and feel the sizzle, just like back then. Collect versatile experiences and impressions in the city of Mozart and then return to the cozy Madlhof nest to enjoy the cosy togetherness.

Time out from everyday life

Work off, thought carousel off, everyday worries off! Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the feeling of security, togetherness and lots of love. With us, only one thing counts, and that’s you two. The romantic atmosphere is made for cuddling, pillow fights and teasing glances – couple moments you won’t forget. Tranquility, culinary delights and impressive natural places let you as a couple feel the beautiful sides of life.

“What makes us truly happy is the time we share with loved ones.” So what could be better than making these special moments come true now? Get out of the daily grind, shift down a gear and really take time for each other. Get to know each other even better, experience unforgettable moments together in a decelerated atmosphere.

The sweet escape

No matter where you go, some familiar face you always meet? Not with us. The Madlhof offers peace and pure privacy for unforgettable hours for two. Thanks to underground parking, self check-in and in-house farm store, there is no reason to leave the cozy home. Be inspired by the romantic atmosphere and the sparks will fly.

There is nothing better than experiencing new adventures together, which you always remember with pleasure, because in the end you only regret what you did not do. So let yourself in for a few unforgettable days in the romantic apartment in the Madlhof. Lying together in the bathtub, feeling the excitement in the cuddle room and stopping time at the dreamlike view of the surrounding mountains.


When the most exciting time is ahead, you should enjoy every second along the way. What would fit better than to be once again 100% a couple. One more time cuddling as long as you want, one more time sleeping in, one more time taking a relaxing stroll through the city, one more time doing whatever you feel like doing. Treat yourself once again to a few days without a schedule, without responsibility and with lots of love!

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Idyllic and yet close to the center

The region around the Madlhof is one of the most beautiful in Austria and one of the most popular destinations for people from all over the world – and rightly so. It combines breathtaking mountain and lake landscapes with the romantic old town idyll and culture of Salzburg. The diversity of the region is unparalleled and truly serves all the senses. Salzburg offers culinary delights, feasts for the ears and feasts for the eyes, a wonderful place to experience beauty.

Just around the corner: beautiful destinations in and around Salzburg

The most beautiful excursion destinations around Salzburg are all in the immediate vicinity – such as the Untersberg, the Salzkammergut, the Berchtesgadener Land or the crystal-clear Salzburg lakes, such as Lake Wolfgang or Lake Fuschl. The many hiking and biking trails invite you to take extensive tours by e-bike, on a conventional bike or on foot.

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