The organic farm

we live farming

we live farming

On the Madl farm you will come upon our animals again and again. Horses, ponies, donkeys, chickens, dogs and a cat family live here. You can watch our cattle on the meadows around our farm. Mother cows, bulls and calves bustle on a lush green – our herd has full access to the field for the most part of the year. Like this, we make sure that our animals have the chance to live their natural needs and to live a species-appropriate life.

Organic out of conviction

The “Madlgut zu Loig” exists since hundreds of years. Nobody remembers an exact year. But it does not matter. In 1886, the farm, which has always been run as multifunctional agriculture with cows and vegetable cultivation, was newly built. In 2001, we installed the organic mother cow farming. This means that calves can drink the milk directly from their mothers – just like nature intended. They live freely next to each other and are not, like for milk production, separated from their mother right after birth. Thus, we have happy cows all year round. And we are convinced: Happy cows give healthy milk.

By the way: We have collected a small, exquisite selection of our own delicacies in our shop, the “MadlLadl”!

Family business with passion

We are a family business. Up to today, the “old famers” Hilde and Stefan work along on the organic farm, just like the “young farmers” Marlene and Alois. Also, Marlene’s and Alois‘ children prove themselves to be a valuable help – especially when it comes to trying new delicacies like ham, bread, or jam.

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